FItting is boring

In a world where fitting in is the norm, I make it my business to help brands break the mould and stand out by being true to themselves and, in turn, build their legacy.

Beatrice Gutknecht holding a phone

Why so


I’m the founder and brand strategist behind Badassery by B and the host of ‘The Art of Branding’ Podcast. I practice what I preach, I put my money where my mouth is.

Over the past ten years, armed with my Bachelor of Business degree and a ton of Aussie edginess, I’ve advised, guided, and molded companies of many sizes and sectors on two continents to reframe their branding strategy and obliterate their sales targets.

Let's get


💃 Latin dancing

I love Latin dancing, salsa, bachata, kizomba - basically, anything that gets the blood pumping.

🏙 Big city girl

I’m a city gal by heart. Bachelorette penthouse pad? Yes, please! 🙏

🎭 Masks are fun

I’m into masks. Whoa, whoa, whoa, watch your blood pressure, boys and girls, and form an orderly queue! I mean masquerade ball masks!

👗 Dress up!

Any reason to dress up - at least five tiers higher than the occasion calls for, and I’m there, baby! I daydream of going to the grand masked ball in Versailles one day…sigh


Let’s address the marsupial in the room: What’s the deal with the kangaroo, Beatrice?

Though I live in Spain, I’m originally from Australia, so a ‘roo seemed the natural choice to be my brand mascot.

Fine, but why is it wearing shades and brandishing a baseball bat?

For me, Roo perfectly represents my core values:

1. Be edgy, creative, and open-minded

2. Embrace and drive change

3. Passion and differentiation

Plus, y’know, a shade-wearing kangaroo with a baseball bat? How badass is that?!

Roo was a tiny little Joey once, but now look at her. It’s my job to unleash your badass potential to make you and your brand strategy as formidable as Roo is now.

The badass is back in town and taking names 👊

A kangaroo with a bat

WHat is


My 'Why' is to challenge the norm and emphasize the importance of doing what's true to oneself rather than what's expected by society.By uncovering a brand’s unique purpose and I use it to create a memorable and distinctive identity.In a world where fitting in is often the norm, I strive for brands to stand out by being true to themselves and in turn build their legacy.

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