Differentiate fearlessly
Dominate with badassery

1:1 branding strategy consulting for service-based businesses: reach the 95% that don’t know you exist!

Roo is a kangaroo and a sidekick to Beatrice

Roo needs your help

Roo is known for using a certain type of bat - can you find the one that is just the right fit for her?

dare to differentiate
Dominate with Badassery
dare to differentiate
Dominate with Badassery
dare to differentiate
Dominate with Badassery
dare to differentiate
Dominate with Badassery
Be badass
Be  badass
Be badass
Damaged Basball bat

this one is too damaged

Is Your brand

high-ticket clients
on marketing and with no sales
Presence and Attention
about What message to use

How Can

Basassery by b Help?

Increased inbound leads

Sales and marketing usually focuses on the 5% of those ready to purchase. Effective brand strategy reaches those sitting on the fence, so you’ll have prospects reaching out to you, instead of the other way around!

Quicker sales cycle

When prospects know what to expect from a brand, hesitation melts away and they approach you first. Build clarity in your unique value proposition to resonate with your target audience and build trust in your brand strategy.

Increased referrals and word of mouth

Focus on delivering consistency that turns clients into your hype team. They’ll refer your business to others, amplifying your reach!

A distinct and memorable identity

A strong brand strategy draws out your brand’s unique identity, burning into the memory of anyone who crosses its path and differentiating you from your competitors.

Cohesive and impactful marketing

Crafting a clear roadmap that’ll help guide your marketing and messaging activities. Resonate deeply with your target audience, and effectively communicate your brand’s essence.

this one is
too bright

Yellow Basball bat
Deep dives
Deep dives
Deep dives
Deep dives
Deep dives
Deep dives

What people

Say about B

Video testimonial of Soren Lynge Bjerrum for Beatrice Gutknecht
Video testiomnial of Daniel Gasser for Beatrice Gutknecht
Video testimonial of Soren Lynge Bjerrum for Beatrice Gutknecht
Video Testiomnial of Peter Tomanka for Beatrice Gutknecht

"Posts by Beatrice alone prove her authority on the subject of branding on LinkedIn. I already found the advice she shares highly commendable, and then we scheduled a time to virtually meet and discuss how I can align my long-term goals of opening up an agency in the future with my personal brand. The valuable tips she shared have not only helped me avoid the starting out mistakes I was about to make, but also get way more clarity on my future aims. Hire her for your badass branding needs before you start working on anything else!"

"Working with Beatrice has been a real pleasure. She has taken the time from the very start to understand me as a person in order to understand the business I was building and help on the branding. She came up with plenty of interesting suggestions even before we worked together, helped set the framework, and provided me with great momentum at a critical building stage. I look forward to working together in the future and using B's energy for my brand!"

"Beatrice is truly a Badass! The way she is able to ask questions about your brand that are on the one hand extremely deep and on the other hand super revealing is really a super power of hers!It is through her help that I am able to fully revamp the message that I send out, so that it becomes more and more true to my own essence.I would recommend Beatrice to anyone who wants to revamp their brand, and wants their own Badass to come out!"

A wooden baseball bat

Roo doesn't like wooden ones

The Badassery


Brand analysis

Here we dive into your brand truth: your story, goals, market stance, and target audience. I’ll also audit your existing positioning, messaging, and visual identity.

Articulate internal brand

Dive into your brand: solidify core values, foundations, strengths, and weaknesses. These will lead every step – from hiring to sales; embodying your brand’s beliefs, actions, and commitments.

Deep dive market landscape

Overview of the market battlefield: analyzing your competition, evaluating overall market situation, and refining insights about your target audience’s needs, preferences, and behaviors.

Assess positioning & differentiation

Seize the spotlight: here we prove why you’re THE choice—differentiating your brand from the competition and positioning it to own the marketplace. I’ll define your brand personality to draw in and captivate your audience.

Structure voice

It’s starting to take shape: We identify the characteristics of your voice and tone and create guidelines. Together, we’ll mold audience perception through defining messaging like taglines.

Shape brand story

Everyone loves a story: They add an extra connection with your audience, so we’ll dive into your brand story and client journey.

Establish visual elements

Your brand identity and swagger: Arming your design team, present and future, with strategic design direction. There’s logo design management if needed, graphic use guidelines, color palettes, color schemes, and typography.

Rollout implementation strategies

Strategies for brand awareness: Together we put everything into action so you get results and it’s applied throughout the business consistently.

Yearly audit material

A badass brand audit guide: You get a guide based on everything we’ve done to this point so you can ensure your brand is consistent and easy to tweak or pivot as it grows

Who is


Hi! I’m Beatrice.

I’m the founder and brand strategist behind Badassery by B and the host of ‘The Art of Branding’ Podcast. I practice what I preach and I put my money where my mouth is.

That way you know that results are achievable.

Beatrice Gutknecht holding a phone
Roo is a kangaroo and a sidekick to Beatrice

Meet ROO

Let’s address the marsupial in the room: What’s the deal with the kangaroo, Beatrice?

Though I live and work in Thailand, I’m originally from Australia, so a ‘roo seemed the natural choice to be my brand mascot.

Plus, y’know, a shade-wearing kangaroo with a baseball bat? How badass is that?!


Roo is known for using a certain type of bat - can you find the one that is just the right fit for her?

Stop Wasting money
and stand out

In my experience, businesses end up:

  • Unable to consistently secure high-ticket clients
  • Throwing down $10K on a website and not generating leads
  • Having inadequate market presence


  • Inconsistency
  • Missing real differentiation
  • Meaningless fluff content
Here are two ways I can make those go away:
Badass sticker
350 USD


1 x 1-on-1, 60 minute call
Insights and tips for growth based on your brand, not some template.
Analysis of socials and website for maximum use of time.
Clear direction on where to move forward from the call.
Let's give your brand a right hook! 🥊
Discovery call

Brand strategy consulting

2 x 1-on-1, 90 minute call/month
Whatsapp support
Done with you so it resonates and you can pick it up and go
I guide you through the B.A.D.A.S.S.E.R.Y. Blueprint to dominate in your space
Let’s talk about what it would look like to work together.
A metal baseball bat

you are getting close

Do you have questions?
I have Answers

What is branding strategy?

Branding strategy influences your brand's perception when your audience isn't in the room—the difference between a revered legend and a forgotten relic.
It's what can make your brand stand out in a crowd and creates guiding principles to stand by for the rest of the business activities.

What are the critical elements of a strong brand strategy for businesses?

A strong brand strategy includes:

- Brand internal identity development
- Unique value proposition
- Target audience identification
- Competitive analysis
- Touchpoint evaluation
- Differentiation
- Positioning
- Voice and tone
- Messaging
- Storytelling
- Visual identity
- Brand guidelines and standards
- Brand experience evaluation

What common mistakes do businesses make with their branding strategy?

Common pitfalls include:

- Overcomplicating the brand identity.
- Inconsistent or outdated visual elements.
- Trying to copy what competitors are doing.
- Lack of personality integrated into the branding.
- Failing to align branding strategy with business objectives.
- Neglecting to monitor and adapt to evolving market trends.
- Failing to assess and refine the brand strategy over time.
- Prioritizing logo, website, and visuals over foundations.
- Ignoring or misunderstanding the target audience.
- Unclear, generic, or conflicting brand messaging.
- The list goes on.

What's the difference between a rebrand and a branding refresh? And how do I know which is right for me?


- A complete reinvention and overhaul of your brand's identity, strategy, and positioning.

Brand Refresh:

- A strategic update and revitalization of your existing brand while preserving its essence.I

'll ask you targeted questions to assess your current branding strategy, gauge your satisfaction, and understand your objectives and vision, helping us determine whether a rebrand or brand refresh is the right path for you.

How do I find the right brand strategist for my business, and what should I look for in their expertise and experience?

Finding the perfect brand strategist is like hunting for a unicorn with a trusty bow and arrow. Look for someone with a track record of slaying brand dragons, a sixth sense for storytelling, and a personality that vibes with yours like a duet from the rock 'n' roll gods.

Why should I bother with a brand strategist? I have a graphic designer and a coach.

A brand strategist is the master conductor orchestrating the symphony of your business. While a graphic designer adds visual flair and a coach offers guidance, a brand strategist changes how your entire brand is perceived, focusing on:

- Done with you to capture unique vision and identity.
- A guiding strategy for all your business activities.
- Uncovering what sets the brand apart.
- Getting leads over vanity metrics.
- Understanding your audience.
- A collective purpose.

Sure, you could Google brand strategy and follow those guides, but are they really going to solve what you're struggling to pinpoint yourself?

Can a brand strategist help me align my brand messaging and visual elements across different platforms and channels?

Hecks yeah! A brand strategist will whip your scattered messaging and visuals into a synchronized symphony, ensuring your brand's voice is loud and clear, whether on a billboard, social media, or even a carrier pigeon.

How can you help me define and refine my brand identity?

Like the Michelangelo of the business world, I'll chisel away fluffy excess, revealing the essence of your brand's soul refining your values, personality, voice, and visual elements, leaving you with a masterpiece (brand identity) that resonates with your target audience.

What is branding strategy not?

- A catchy slogan
- A pretty graphic
- Your website design
- Guided by marketing
- Something that's "done for you."

What is the difference in the approach for each, and how can you guide me through the process?

- A comprehensive reassessment and realignment of your brand's strategy, purpose, and positioning.

- Deep dive into target audience analysis, market research, and competitive landscape evaluation.

- It aims to redefine your brand's value proposition, messaging, and overall brand experience.


With a badass branding strategy that’ll take you out of your comfort zone (seriously, prepare to get uncomfortable - in the best way possible.)

This is your official invitation to the private mob, where you have access to:

  • Insider brand strategy approach.
  • BTS and early access to badassery
  • Fresh, fluff-free perspectives on getting an edge over competitors.


It’s the newsletter where boring goes to die, and brand domination is the game plan.

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