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Word from other mobsters

"I just had a look at your pop culture guide. OMG!!!! I’m out of words. It’s so amazing. Loved every bit of it."

Javeria Zafar

"Just opened the guide, and HOLY GUACCAMOLE it’s well-designed and engaging to read, I’m impressed."



Taylor Tudisco

"GIRL THAT NEWSLETTER IS FIRE! 🔥 🔥 🔥 At first, I’m thinking, ‘is this too long?’ But the whole thing was so interesting and so on point. Well done 👏"

Gemma Haigh

"Loved your newsletter this week btw, really got me thinking about my offers. Loved the durex ad too hahaha."

Joe Willson

"As ever, you make me laugh and, for me, that is such a draw! Then you add in serious badass solutions that really are off the wall. Put a dollop of honey-butterscotch ice cream on top with good examples. And round it up with good, tempting advice!"

Elen Sentier

"After reading your Pop Culture Guide to Branding Strategy, I finally feel empowered to create my personal brand strategy. What a creative, fun, and insightful guide."

Giorgia (Đurđija) Savić

"Loving the Badass newsletter!

It’s jam-packed with value for people who want to be different, connect with their audience, and really unleash that Badass potential they have inside.

I highly recommend reading."

Michael Clift

Your pop culture guide is badass btw! Great job! You nailed it with that subcriber value drop! 👏

Brooke Braga

"That guide is pure gold. One of the top 3 most valuable freebies I got this year."

Meri Matevosyan

"Wooooow B!
Just got the Pop Culture Guide.
Absolutely amazing. I love that you used caricatures and images. It makes it so much friendlier.
The color combination you chose for your brand is very appealing too.
And the information you share in it is very useful."
"Yep your newsletter makes me feel uncomfortable. That's a compliment by the way."

Steve Jackson

"Slay the branding game! Here we go. With your neat newsletter, I feel like I’m ahead of the game here, Beatrice Gutknecht."

Paula Naeff